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Dimbulagala Aranya goes in the dark for the first time in history!

For the first time since it’s electrification the electricity supply of the historic Dimbulagala Aranya Senasana has been disconnected today (28) evening.

The incumbent chief of Dimbulagala Aranya Millane Siriyalankara Nayaka Thero said that with the power cut off, the novice monks as well as nearly two hundred monks of the temple are in dire straits.
Since then, electricity was provided free of cost to the historic Dimbulagala Aranya Senasana and every government in power continued to provide electricity.

Dimbulagala incumbent prelate further said that he was very worried about this decision taken by the current government to disconnect the electricity.

Making a statement in this regard, the Dimbulagala Buddha Sravaka Sangha Sabha says that this power cut is being done unknowingly against the background that the Prime Minister and the President had promised to continue providing electricity after meeting and discussing.

Appreciating the national, religious and religious mission of the deceased Dimbulagala Aranya Senasana, Matara Kitalagama Sri Seelalankara, each government provided all facilities including electricity, water, etc. to the historical Dimbulagala Aranya Senasana.

Dimbulagala Buddha Shravaka Sangha Sabha registrar Reverend Dimbulagala Rahulankara Nahimi said in a special statement that by cutting off the electricity in the Dimbulagala Aranya Senasana Puja ground where there is a growing threat of elephants.

By this month, Aranya Senasana had received an electricity bill of more than 5 lakh rupees from the Electricity Board.