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A special announcement from former President Chandrika

Former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga has denied reports that she will leave the Sri Lanka Freedom Party to join the SJB or the UNP. She says she will remain a member of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party until her death, despite being kicked out of the party. 
This was stated in a Facebook post by her.
“It has been widely reported in the media that I have joined the United National Party or the United People’s Force.”

I reiterate that I will not join any other political party other than the Sri Lanka Freedom Party. Politically, I was born into the Sri Lanka Freedom Party. I grew up in the Sri Lanka Freedom Party as well. I faced various attacks behalf of the  Sri Lanka Freedom Party.

Finally, I hope to die as a member of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party.

Because of various bad policies, adopted by the Sri Lanka Freedom Party it has become extremely weak today.

As a result, I admire Bandaranaike’s philosophy and strive to develop my own.

As a responsible senior leader of the country, I offer my advice on the two national crises that our country is currently facing: alleviating child malnutrition and providing long-term substantive solutions to the ethnic problem.

“I emphasise that today, tomorrow, and in the future, I will continue to commit myself to preserving the pure Bandaranaike policies for the sake of true Sri Lanka Freedom Party members, even as the current Sri Lanka Freedom Party leaders openly betray the party policies for their own opportunistic and narrow interests,” she said.