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Aranya monk pleads to feed hungry villagers before giving alms!

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This is what happens amidst V8 scene

Aranya Senasana, which does not even receive alms.
About fifteen kilometers from Wellawaya, you will find a forest sanctuary. This is in the middle of a thick jungle between Badalkumbura Divisional Secretariat Division and Wellawaya Divisional Secretariat Division.

Currently, there are about fifteen Bhikkus residing

Those Bhikkus do not get alms.

The monk says that the people are living very hard and difficult lives these days, but they offer alms with many difficulties.

When the villagers in hunger and offer alms to the monk, the monk felt the pain and cried with tears in his eyes.

We have never seen a monk cry like this.

But this Monk cries that the people in his village are starving.

We took a lot of things to offer to this temple. After giving it, the monk asked us, “Please, sir, if it is possible, there are about eighty families in the village.” Fill their stomachs like this. We can endure hunger. But the villagers have no food. The monk said that if possible, you will be blessed.

The monk was so sensitive because the people of the village were starving.

That is why these monks love that village so much because the villagers are with them for good as well as bad times.

Bulu Gal Lena Aranya Senasana Thero Thero’s telephone number 076 – 6660513 is an extract.

It will be a great blessing.