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President hopeful of making Sri Lanka a regional hub for education

President Ranil Wickremesinghe, addressing the parliamentary session this morning, said Sri Lanka has the potential to become a regional hub for education. 
Speaking at the Committee Stage debate of the 2023 Budget, Wickremesinghe explained that over the next 25 years, schooling systems may change drastically, however, Sri Lanka can be made an educational hub.
“At the end of the day we may not have brick-and-mortar universities. It’ll be something else, but why can’t we be the regional hub for that? Sri Lanka can be a regional hub for education. Let us make up our mind,” he said.

Talking about the vast number of students that leave the country for higher education, Wickremesinghe stated that nearly USD 03 billion is sent out of the country due to this.

He explained that if Sri Lanka commits to becoming a regional hub for education, this USD 03 billion will not only remain within the country, but can even increase to USD 10 billion, and called on the National Council and other Parliamentary Committees to look into the matter.