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Everyone agreed to turn on the lights during A/L! Kanchana totally ruined the work! He ruined the future of the children! Sacrificing children’s futures isn’t a big deal brutal politicians!

He said that the officials of the Electricity Board were not influenced before the Human Rights Commission and that as electrical engineers, they had prepared all the plans months ago for a program of continuous electricity supply during the A-level examination.

Nihal Weeraratne, President of the Electrical Engineers Union, said that the agreement made by the officials including the Additional General Manager who went before the Human Rights Commission with the desire to make the decision as the Electricity Board was changed by the Chairman.
Nihal Weerarathan, president of the Engineers Association, gave this explanation to Lankasara.

On the morning of the 25th, the Ceylon Electricity Board was also called to the Human Rights Commission. Additional General Manager of our Transmission Division and Deputy General Manager of System Control Division participated in it. They had been empowered as the Electricity Board to go and work for a solution and make decisions there was a fuel problem. The problem was that the petroleum corporation did not give fuel to generate electricity. Fuel prices were increased. The petroleum corporation told the story that if that price is not paid, the fuel will not be provided.’

If there is fuel, there are plenty of power plants to generate electricity for these innocent children. No problem for that…’

We were in a responsible position that continuous electricity supply should be provided during the Advance level examination period. So we took early action. Although the coal arrived late, we quickly unloaded it. Before the exam, only two generators were working at Norochchole Power Plant. We quickly started the third generator, worked towards a continuous power generation within this period.

Meanwhile, the price of naphtha was suddenly increased. There is no scientific reason. The price of crude oil did not increase in the world market. It seems that there is a trend of decreasing prices. Also, this naphtha is a by-product of refining the crude oil ship that arrived earlier. There is no one to buy that naphtha except us. The price was increased. We don’t understand why they are doing this.

When we are preparing everything to provide continuous electricity supply, the minister is handling the petroleum statutory corporation in this way. It was under such conditions that we were called by the Human Rights Commission.

We said there that we have no money. If the loan is given for the right oil, electricity can be generated.

But at that time, the petroleum corporation had not come to that meeting. An additional secretary of the ministry and three officials of the Ceylon Electricity Board came to the discussion in the morning. Our financial manager, additional general manager and deputy general manager were there. In addition, there was the Human Rights Commission and the Public Utilities Commission. That group was in discussion at that time.

In that meeting, no decision could be taken without the petroleum corporation. We said that if we were provided oil, we will supply electricity. There needs to be someone to give oil. Therefore, the Human Rights Commission had summoned the petroleum Corporation that evening. Banks had also come.

At that time, when we discussed, the petroleum corporation had said that they would issue fuel on credit for two months. Then the Human Rights Commission and the Public Utilities Commission had intervened in that matter. The banks had said that they would give a loan to supply fuel. Now there is no problem here. The problem was solved.

It is only after the officials left that they decided that electricity cannot be provided until the money is paid. That decision comes from the Chairman of the Electricity Board. As revealed to us, the minister has given those instructions to the chairman.

The Petroleum Corporation now says that it cannot provide fuel on loan. But they were willing to give fuel before the Human Rights Commission. They dislike it only after leaving the discussion on the influence of that minister.

This is the situation. Now the work is not done. The board of directors has taken a decision not to work.

The minister is trying to increase the system by sacrificing the future of the children.

This country is a country where there are politicians who planted bombs and killed people to do politics. We are not surprised that something like this happened in that country.

Now our two members are under serious pressure. On the one hand, they are under pressure from the Public Utilities Commission and the Human Rights Commission. On the other hand, we are pushing for the pressure of our management.

In this regard, as the Engineers Union, we are free to ask the General Manager and the Chairman. Obviously, our officials went after the transfer of powers. The Human Rights Commission cannot go without powers. You go to such a place to make a decision. We cannot be like ‘Pambayo’ without being able to give a decision.

The Additional General Manager is second only to the General Manager. They decided to take the decision to provide uninterrupted power supply. The decision is reversed by the political authority. You can imagine where this country will run.