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Negotiations with the Secretary of Finance, unsuccessful. Strikes start on Monday!

Regarding the government’s new tax amendment, the discussion held today (10) by the Union of Professionals’ Unions with the Finance Ministry Secretary and other officials has ended without an agreement. 
Due to this, many professional associations have decided to engage in professional actions from the coming week.
The relevant discussion was held for more than two hours with the Finance Ministry Secretary and other officials.

After that, Mr. Aruna Shantaarachchi, a member of the Union of Professionals who came out and spoke.

“We didn’t get the results we expected today. This tax should be reformed immediately. We did not get the solution we expected.”

Meanwhile, the health and postal trade unions also announced today the trade action to be taken next week against the government’s new tax policy.

Dr. Haritha Aluthge, Secretary of the Government Medical Officers’ Association, who commented on the matter,

“We are starting a strike action. All hospitals in the Western, Central, Southern and Eastern provinces will be closed from 8 am on Monday. Other provinces will join the strike on Tuesday. If no solution is found on Tuesday, a continuous union action will be taken from 8 am on Wednesday.”

Meanwhile, the decision made yesterday by the Federation of University Teachers’ Unions to withdraw from studies and examinations against the government’s new tax policy was implemented today.