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Parliamentary committee calls for proper methodology to select social security scheme beneficiaries

The Committee on Ways and Means says a proper methodology should be followed in selecting beneficiaries for social security schemes.

This was taken into discussion at the Committee on Ways and Means chaired by MP Patali Champika Ranawaka.

The officials informed the committee regarding the “Aswesuma” welfare scheme to be implemented by the government from the first of July.
They noted that welfare benefit payments would be made under 04 social categories of transitional, vulnerable, poor and extremely poor, and related allowances would also be given to the disabled, elderly and kidney patients as usual under this scheme.

It was revealed that more than 3.7 million applications were received for this allowance and the people who are in real need will be given this allowance from July 01.

The committee’s chairman emphasized that the World Bank has indicated that 30% of the recipients of the Samurdhi allowance are not eligible for it and the beneficiaries for this scheme should be selected keeping that in mind.

The committee also pointed out the need for periodic evaluation of the beneficiaries benefiting from the insurance scheme.

Meanwhile, MP Ranawaka expressed his displeasure over the failure of the Customs Department, the Inland Revenue Department, the Excise Department and the Ministry of Finance to submit the relevant reports on the due date as ordered in the committee meeting held last week.

The committee’s chairman emphasized that steps should be taken to submit relevant reports and views within the stipulated period when called for by a parliamentary committee.