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The government is introducing legislation to stifle the media and undermine democracy

The government has presented another project to destroy democracy by implementing anti-democratic procedures and accordingly, through the Broadcasting Regulatory Act, the government is working to bring a new bill to suppress the media and rob the democracy of the country by establishing a Broadcasting Regulatory Commission. The leader of the opposition said that the license is valid only for 6 months after the passing of this act and after that the television channels have been directed to an annual licensing process.
In granting this license, it will be investigated whether the relevant media organization is pro-government or not, and based on that, it is planned to implement a new chapter of media repression in this country by imposing license restrictions, and as a result, the government is going to submit this draft. The opposition leader said that a massive suppression of the media will be done and democracy will be violated.

Mr. Sajith Premadasa, the leader of the opposition, said this while expressing his views on the Broadcasting Authority Act at the meeting of the opposition party executive council today (1).

The opposition leader further emphasized that under this, media channels will be created that broadcast only approved news to the people and the free and independent media, which is known as the fourth government after the legislature and the judiciary, will be regulated under this.

While they are blatantly violating the democracy of the people of the country by trying to bring the laws to declare the 220 lakhs of the country as terrorists by tearing up the election map, the media institutions are also ready to suppress, but they will come together as an opposition and defeat this process and seek the help of the court to defeat this process somehow. The opposition leader added that he will raise his voice for that in the parliament as well as outside.

The opposition leader further asked the media organizations to tell the media to report truthfully and correct information and that the opposition takes the responsibility of protecting you and therefore take the lead in telling the truth to the people without fear.