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Sajith slams govt. over failure to unlock IMF’s second tranche

Leader of the Opposition Sajith Premadasa says that the government has failed to fulfil the task they have undertaken in terms of restoring the country’s economic stability.

Addressing an event in Akkaraipattu today (28), Premadasa emphasized that he will ensure an era of economic development under his governance.

“Now they are asking why the IMF has delayed in unlocking the second tranche.”
“We do not need to respond to that. The IMF itself says that the government has failed to achieve government revenue targets.”

“They took the challenge pretending that they are economic experts. It was said that funds will overflow after he [Ranil Wicremesinghe] becomes the President.”

Furthermore, Mr. Premadasa mentioned that the government has failed to achieve at least the revenue targets.

“They are unable to fulfil the job”, he alleged.

Commenting further, the opposition leader also expressed that “the era of economic development will be fulfilled by the son of Ranasinghe Premadasa”.