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Members for independent commissions to be appointed in early Dec.

Members for independent commissions will be appointed after December 08, the Office of Speaker of Parliament says.

Pursuant to the 21st constitutional amendment, new members should be appointed to independent commission. Although, it has been more than a month since the 21st constitutional amendment was passed in the parliament by majority votes, members for independent commissions are yet to be appointed.
Responding to queries raised by Ada Derana in this regard, Speaker’s Office mentioned that the Constitutional Council needs to be appointed before selecting members for commissions.

Nominations have been called for the appointment of two Constitutional Council members who do not serve as parliamentarians. The deadline for accepting nominations is December 08.

Accordingly, members for independent commissions will be selected after appointing these two Constitutional Council members, the Speaker’s Office explained.

Approval of the Constitutional Council should be sought for appointing members of Election Commission, Public Service Commission, National Police Commission, Human Rights Commission, Bribery Commission, Finance Commission, Delimitation Commission.