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President to provide conclusive solution to PAYE tax woes – PTUA

The President’s Secretary has reportedly agreed to provide a conclusive solution to the issues concerning the recent revision of the Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) tax.

This was stated by the Professionals’ Trade Union Alliance (PTUA), who claimed that the President’s Secretary had agreed to provide a certain extent of relief to those disadvantaged by the increase in taxes.
Accordingly, a conclusive solution in this regard is due to be reached at the meeting the PTUA is scheduled to have with the President.

The PTUA stated that this was conveyed to them during a meeting with the President’s Secretary this afternoon (17 March).

A 24-hour token strike was launched across the island on 15 March by the PTUA, against the recent tax revision, electricity tariff hike and other unpopular decisions taken by the incumbent government.

Trade unions affiliated with several sectors including health, ports, electricity, railway, postal, banking, and education joined the one-day strike.