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All imports other than vehicles allowed soon

Finance State Minister Shehan Semasinghe announced that all import restrictions sans restrictions related to vehicle imports will be abolished next month.

The Minister recalled that the government acted to restore the country’s economy by temporarily imposing import restrictions in view of the economic difficulties faced by Sri Lanka.
It is said that restrictions have been imposed on 600 codes related to goods.

Nearly 270 HS codes are linked to vehicle-related imports. The State Minister also indicated that the government will work to revoke all but those restrictions next month.

Semasinghe said this while addressing a conference to inform scholars, professionals and the public about the government’s new tax policy, the programme to obtain IMF financial facility, measures to increase government revenues and economic destabilisation.

Senior President’s Secretariat officials, the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and the Finance Ministry participated in this conference held in Anuradhapura.

Presidential Director General (State Revenue) M. J. Gunasiri and North Central Province Chief Secretary Chandrasiri Bandara also addressed the conference.