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Attempts to suppress social media will be thwarted – Sajith

“If the government tries to suppress the social media, we will  start the next struggle, “opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa said yesterday (23)on a visit to Devinuwara fishing port. He said that the current Government is trying to abolish people’s freedom every time and its latest trend is to control and block social media networks.

The Opposition Leader also said that the government is in the process of suppressing the rights of social media by hiding behind words like online safety.
He said that this media suppression process by the Government is terrorism, so he would not give any space to it. “We will take to the streets with the people and work against this media suppression and social media control,” he said. The Opposition Leader said that in this attempt to take the agenda of the President and the Government at the cost of social media, another struggle will emerge and even big chairs may collapse.

“Rulers cannot hide from the people in their air-conditioned rooms of the mansions. They have to listen to the plight of the fishermen. But they conspire to destroy the freedom of the media and tried to suppress the media instead of solving the problems of people on the ground.”

The Opposition Leader further said that the Opposition would never allow such a crackdown.